Lucas Gonçalves

I s2 computer graphics! Both sides of it. The colorful, bright poetry of the pixels and the mathemagic and the mistery of the inner code. My work is to glue them together gracefully, resulting in a unified, beautiful and effective organism. I believe this kind of software has the power to improve people’s lives and work, making them happier, making them go further. This is my tiny contribution for a better world.

I’m a experienced C++ and Qt programmer, passionate about building user interfaces and visualization tools from the design and concept phase through code implementation. I have intermediate experience with OpenGL 4 and shader writing in GLSL, web technologies (html5, javascript, css, action script), Java and SQL Server. As a ui/ux designer I can project cross-platform, responsive, beautiful and intelligent UIs. In my freelancing work I use mainly open source tools like Blender (for modelling 3D assets and basic animation), Inkscape (vector assets), GIMP (bitmap assets) and Ubuntu (desktop environment)

I’m a Master’s student in Computer Graphics at the Systems and Computer Engineering graduate program of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, in the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science and another one in Visual Arts (minor Animation) and a total of 2 years of work experience, mainly as a developer. I’m a member of the Computer Graphics Lab at UFRJ and my current research is about using OpenGL and shaders in modern day user interfaces – desktop, mobile and web.

I’m a native Portuguese speaker with advanced knowledge of English and Spanish.

You can see some projects I have worked, my resume and Linkedin profile. If you want to contact me you can send a message to email[at] or use the contact form.